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Everybody wants a good life, but nobody is Patient.. “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” — Leo Tolstoy War & Peace, arguably the greatest novel ever written, took Tolstoy 6–8 years to conceive, to develop, to write & re-write. You love that beautiful rose that blooms in your garden. It only makes you wait for another exquisite rose to bloom soon. However, it doesn’t. You water the plant, more than you usually do. You get anxious as to why it no more flowers. Well there’s one thing that you’re missing. Patience. Everybody wants a good life but nobody is patient to see how good one’s life can be. It’ll rain only when it has to, it’ll flower only when the plant is ready. You cannot expect the night to fall sooner than it usually does. You cannot expect a wound to heal only because you wish to. What it needs is time, the other name for patience. Patience is one of the priceless virtues we can cultivate, develop and preserve. It will make pain heal better, failure look more as a stepping stone and hardships as a sweet endurance. Remember that the best ideas, the breakthroughs, the masterpieces — all of them take time, they take work, and they evolve & develop.

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