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Everybody wants a Good life but nobody Accepts who they are? A caterpillar complains to his mom for being so ugly. The mother butterfly only smiled, “the day you accept yourself for who you are, you’ll be one of nature’s most beautiful creations.” True to his mother’s words, the baby caterpillar stopped denying his true self and embraced for who he was. Soon he learned how self-acceptancecould be miraculously wonderful. You see life isn’t a bed of roses. However, if all you care about getting pricked by thorns then you’re surely missing the beautiful rose. If all you can see is the tacky mud then you’re surely missing how a lotus blooms from the very swamp. Everybody wants a good life but nobody accepts who they are, what all they are blessed with and how gifted their potentials are. Stop denying who you are, stop repressing your feelings, stop resenting your thoughts. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful. Accept your colors and be the rainbow!

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